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Interior Painting

Our painters will tackle any interior painting project. They will handle all prep work, necessary wall repairs, priming, final coating and all necessary cleanup. Our crews are instructed to leave your house the way they found it, which is spotless! Learn More

Exterior Painting

Need your exterior walls painted? Our painters will handle it! Let us make your house beautiful. They can do quick touchups, or a full scale paint job to leave your house looking brand new. All necessary repairs handled, leaving you with less things to worry about!. Learn More

Power Washing

Need to have your house power washed before a paint job? Our contractors will handle it. They use the safest, gentlest techniques, making sure to never damage your walls. All buildup and grime will be gone, leaving your house spotless and ready to be painted! Learn More


Magda M.  

The painters they recommended were a pleasure to work with. They were polite, professional, with a high attention to detail. I recommend them to anyone! They showed up for all appointments on time. They kept us informed of the progress. Can't say enough!

Bao W.  

Fantastic! Their painters were punctual, very neat and organized and respectful. All work was done on the timetable and in the manner presented by the owner.

Joseph I.  

What I liked about the painters they recommended was they gave an estimate and the project came in at the estimated price. Everything was done quickly and the quality of work was superb. I explained everything I needed and they got the materials quickly and completed the work. I really appreciated their honesty and integrity with which they approach their work.

About Us

Nitz Painting has grown to be one of the most reputable sources for house painting contractors in the United States today. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the most professional, high quality painters and contractors possible to clients across the country for projects ranging from interior house painting to drywall replacement, and from exterior house painting to power washing.

In order to accomplish that, we’ve developed a network of talented painting contractors who are fully trained, licensed, and qualified to perform all the work necessary to complete the most impactful home remodeling project you may ever do. Wherever your location, and whatever your house painting need, if you’re considering having your house painted and want to make sure you find a painting contractor who you can depend upon, look no further than Nitz Painting. We are happy to provide complimentary, no obligation estimates on any house painting projects for interested homeowners. To arrange yours, simply contact us to be matched up with your local Nitz Painting contractors. They’ll be able to advise you on anything from the best exterior house paint techniques to some of the best interior paint ideas for your particular style and layout, as well as, of course, the potential time-span and cost of performing your house painting plans. We know that you’ll be satisfied by the work of our specialized painting contractors and hope you’ll give us the opportunity to serve you.


What kind of prep work is needed for a house painting?

A quality house painting is a lot more than just applying paint to wall. In fact, about half of a painting project, particularly an exterior painting, is meticulously preparing for the actual paint application. This extensive prep work is the mark of quality paint contractors as it is intended to protect your property and increase the durability of the paint being applied. Of course differences exist between the prep work for an interior painting and an exterior painting simply because of the nature of the surface but in either case you can expect a few similarities. Your painting contractors will clean the surface of dust and debris (outside often with a paint scraper or power washer), lay down a protective covering over you floor, furniture, lawn, or shrubs, and apply at least one layer of primer to the surface on top of any caulking which is needed to seal damages and cracks. Speaking more specifically, interior house painting will then demand either the use of painter’s tape or careful “cutting in” around the edges of the painting surface to help prevent accidental paint getting on your ceiling, trim, or flooring. Exterior house painting, on the other hand, will require considerably more caulking and priming as well as detailed sanding to create a smooth, easily painted surface.

Are there specific seasons when I should have my house painted?

There’s some debate about this amongst professional house painting contractors, but in our experience painting jobs that last can be performed in nearly any conditions with the right level of experience and preparation. That said, interior painting is often more bearable when ventilation is possible so winter may not be the most opportune time, and exterior painting contractors typically require dry, largely windless conditions to have the paint properly settle so planning your work carefully is often recommended.

Does my house’s paint contain lead?

This is a very important question. If your house hasn’t been painted in a long time there is a chance that your surfaces contain lead which was incredibly common in paint until 1978. There are tests to determine if lead is present in your paint and your local Nitz Painting contractor is qualified to conduct such a test if you are concerned about this point. If there is lead present in your paint then your house painting is likely going to be more expensive as extra precautions will be required to complete the project safely, particularly if you’re interested in interior house painting. That said, having lead in your paint can be very dangerous and the cost to remove it and receive a new paint job will be the wisest decision available in all likelihood.

What paint brand does Nitz Painting use?

Our network of house painting contractors proudly uses Bristol Paint, California Paints, Dutch Boy Paint, Yolo Colorhouse, Anna Sova, and many more brands on both exterior house painting and interior painting projects.

What sorts of services do your painting contractors offer?

Nitz Painting contractors offer all types of exterior painting, interior painting and even custom painting services, as well as power washing and caulking. At this point we primarily serve as residential painting contractors, though we do take on some commercial painting projects as well, depending on the kind of work needed. Please contact us for free house painting estimates and we’ll better be able to tell if we’re able to take on your project. If it turns out we are not, we would be happy to recommend other trusted painters in your area.

How much can I expect my house painting to cost?

The cost of a house painting project depends on many factors, from the scope of work being performed, to the quality of materials being used, to the location of the project in your house. To learn about your project in particular, contact us at Nitz Painting to schedule a free estimate and information session today. We’ll arrange for the nearest Nitz Painting contractor to speak with you about the work you’re interested in with no obligation on your part.